Oct 12, 2012 Six Young Algae Researcher Awards presented at Algae Biomass Summit
Utah State's own Katerine Napan takes second place at the Algae Biomass Summit for her outstanding research in algae engineering. Her research submission was titled "Biodiesel production in combination with bioremediation of heavy metals from flue gas using"
Jun 29, 2011 Scientists say answers to energy problems could be found in algae (from KSL.com)
LOGAN — When you have a problem as big as trying to solve our energy future, sometimes you have to think big.
May 11, 2011 Next Leonardo After Hours Event is On the Road at USU
“Cows in Space!” explores the ways your granddad’s ag school has become an innovation engine
Mar 9, 2011 Making Gas out of Trash
USU’s newest USTAR hire has developed the technology to turn organic materials into fuel.
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Bio-Mass to Fuel

From waste to wealth: Bio-oil from poultry waste 

The Next Big Thing 

Students, faculty, and industry partners are flocking to the center's state-of-art equipment, original innovations, and promising future. 

On the Frontier of Innovation

A multidisciplinary team of engineers and scientists have developed feedstocks for the purpose of producing renewable biofuels.

The BioEnergy Center at Utah State University utilizes natural resources (for example, algae to capture sunlight as a source of energy and CO2 as a source of carbon and to produce lipids) as feedstocks for liquid transportation fuels, biomass for burning and digestion and high value co-products.